North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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What’s a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)?

A CTP is a multimodal plan that identifies transportation needs for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit, and freight. Beyond that, the CTP seeks to establish a desired vision and identifies the incremental steps to achieve it. The NFCTP will serve as a living document—one that the community will be able to revisit as goals and projects are implemented or as external forces change.

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What is the process?

The intent of the planning process is to create an effective plan that positions the community to achieve measurable success. The process is organized into four overlapping elements that will be completed by the end of 2017:

  • Vision & Goals—Based on community input, a set of vision and goals will be created to provide direction on the development of the plan.
  • Existing Conditions—The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the community, including demographic trends, natural and built environment, and transportation conditions.
  • Needs Assessment/Draft Recommendations—Based on community input and the Existing Conditions phase, existing and future multimodal needs will be identified. Projects that address these needs will ultimately be prioritized using the NFCTP Vision & Goals.
  • Final Recommendations— An action plan will be created that identifies strategies to support the implementation of the desired community’s transportation vision. It will be a phased approach that balances short- and intermediate-term opportunities with longer-term strategic investments.

How can I be involved?

Visit the Engage page to learn more about our robust public outreach effort! Although our public outreach has ended, you can still send us an email at info@NorthFultonCTP.