North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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Welcome to the North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan!

The North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan (NFCTP) seeks to address economic prosperity, quality of life, and cross-jurisdictional collaboration through multimodal transportation solutions. An update to the 2010 CTP, the plan is a joint effort between the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and the six North Fulton cities and provides an opportunity for the municipalities to plan together while informing the regional transportation planning process. The NFCTP ultimately will establish a vision for North Fulton’s transportation future.

For more information about the 2010 NFCTP, click here.

For more information about the region’s overall CTP program, click here.

Status Update

The NFCTP has begun its second round of city council meetings, asking the city councils to consider adoption of the plan. You can access the documents and powerpoints that are being presented here.



What's New

We’ve put together a web-map where you can access an interactive maps displaying the recommendations included in the NFCTP. See the Recommendations page for the link.

We’re in the process of asking the North Fulton City Councils to adopt the plan. See the Resources page for the Recommendations Report and the Executive Summary.